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An Introduction to Future Proofing Your Kids





While the incredibly fast-paced world of today is calling out for freshly brewed minds and skills, how many of us are preparing our children to face the changing times? As parents, we need to reframe and adapt our brains to think differently so that our children are future-ready!


Graeme Codrington, who is a futurist, a global speaker, author, and expert thinker, joins me on the pilot episode of the Future Smart Parent podcast! Graham is the co-author of the sensational book, Future-Proof Your Child For The 2020s and Beyond.


In this episode, Graeme offers his extensive research-oriented take on revolutionizing human learning. We discuss the skills people need to master for work in the future, trying and experimenting with different options, and predict the possible changes for the near future because of technological advancements.


Listen in for impactful words from one of the world’s most sought-after professionals, Graeme Codrington!


We’ll learn:



●     More about Graeme’s book, Future-Proof Your Child For The 2020s and Beyond, which he co-authored with Nikki Bush, a Human Potential and Parenting Expert.

●     Graeme’s take on what could happen once work and company processes are automated and the new skills our children need to learn to keep up with times.

●     Research shows that in many places where we had fresh graduates as entry-level appointees, they no longer hire them because the education system does not produce the skills they need.

●     Opening doors to new opportunities and experiences for yourself and why “you can’t say you don’t like it [anything] because you haven’t tried it.”

●     That there is no such thing as normal. You need only to calm yourself down and do what you can.



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