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EPISODE 7: How to help our kids, and ourselves, recover from trauma - with Naomi Holdt

How to help our kids, and ourselves, recover from trauma​with educational psychologist, speaker and mom, Naomi Holdt. 






In this episode, I chat with Naomi Holdt, a mom,  educational psychologist, speaker and author, about how we can help our kids, and ourselves, recover from trauma - the  very real and raw trauma that so many families are feeling, in particular to the response to the unrest and trauma that so many families have experienced, in particular in KZN last week.


This conversation is so jam-packed full of valuable advice for any parents who want to better understand how we  can hold safe spaces for our kids in a world that  seems to be upside down at the moment. 


Topics that we cover:


Dealing with Trauma

  • Acknowledge where we are at and how we are feeling
  • Create opportunities to talk
  • Create as much opportunity for play as possible... this is how kids process their worlds.
  • Remember that play reduces stress. 
  • Dinner time conversations
  • Get our bodies moving, even (or especially) if we feel like we've been sat on by a 10 ton elephant.

We look at what trauma is and how it impacts us all. What to look out for in our kids and how we can respond.


Heading back to school - how our mental health impacts our ability to learn


** Understanding Trauma in Our Kids and Teens - a Talk for Parents and Educators **


Book your seat now to join this exclusive live webinar with Naomi Holdt - Psychologist and Speaker on www.naomiholdt.co.za - Monday 26th July at 7pm!


Although a sense of calm seems to be settling in many places, this last week has been one that will go down in the history books as completely surreal and in many instances has made children (and adults) feel insecure in their “worlds”.


Naomi will be presenting a one-hour Zoom webinar on Monday evening to help parents and educators navigate this difficult time. Things may be starting to feel back to normal, but it is imperative that we recognise and address emotional repercussions so that future trauma and times of stress are not made worse by what we have all experienced. How we help our children process trauma really makes all the difference and can have a long-term impact on their development.


Book here to join Naomi on Monday evening as she shares the most important reminders with us. 




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