Teach Your Kids To Code


It's Important for more reasons than you would think.

A framework for developing holistic wellbeing


The reason you should teach your kids to code is not necessarily about setting them up for a career in coding, but rather for kids to learn to understand code and speak the language of the machines.


Coding for kids can be a fun activity to do together, with plenty of resources online to get you started. Teach your kids to code, they (and you) need to understand both the language and the thinking behind it.

A few places to start

Learning to code (Younger kids) 

Learning to code (Young adults / adults)


  • Let your kids be bored!

    8 June 2020

  • Teach your kids to code.

    27 September 2018

  • Kids using Google in the classroom.

    13 September 2018

  • Framework for ensuring holistic wellness.

    29 October 2018


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